Bike Across America (2016)

3,850 Miles

Finally made it to Los Angeles.  Ride is now officially over!!! Took a total of 16 days from Boca Raton, Florida, with hotel stops in: Orlando, Florida Pensacola, Florida LaFayette, Louisiana Houston, Texas Austin, Texas Fort Worth, Texas Amarillo, Texas Santa Fe, New Mexico Phoenix, Arizona San Diego, California Laguna Beach, California Redondo Beach, California …

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Meet Lukas

Lets start off with Lukas.  I met him today at a KTM/Adventure dealer in San Diego and we talked for about a half hour while he was fixing his bike and I loved every second of it. Lukas is from Vienna, Austria, is barely 35 and has been traveling on his KTM motorcycle for over …

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Coast to Coast

Today was the day which would conclude my coast-to-coast journey that started on the eastern Atlantic and then ended up on the western Pacific.  Said another way, I left Boca Raton, Florida and arrived San Diego, California today — 11 days later.  Now that’s not the end of my trip of course, I still need to …

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Room with a View

Cover image is from the front door of my hotel room.  Pretty sweet. Today was a down day here in Phoenix.  What did I do?  Of course went to a couple of BMW Motorrad dealers and hung out then back to hotel to catch up on some emails which needed attention. Thats all.

Change is Good

So traveling by motorcycle is pretty liberating — sure we all know that.  It also has some drawbacks, although few.  Where am I going with this?  Well, the past few days have been pretty cold.  The afternoons in the past few days are in the low 60’s, mornings in high-30’s to mid-40’s.  Sad to say …

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72 oz Free

I love the home page picture of the menu for this night’s dinner spot — Mountain Oysters.  Yum, Cows nuts.  If you don’t know what it is…  Order the Shrimp!  Hahaha.   That set the scene for my dinner event. I guess that 339 miles sounds like not too big a trip.  When I drive …

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Old Texas

I really have to say that today was a great day.  One of those rare days where everything really comes together and you feel great.  I will jump right into it — why not?  Get to the best of the day’s event.  So I had read that Fort Worth houses the Bureau of Engraving and …

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Let me jump to the Tabasco Tour.  I rode 30 minutes from Lafayette, Louisiana to Avery Island, home of Tabasco.  Yes, I did the self guided tour which is real interesting.  So interesting huh?  What’s so interesting about the Tabasco Factory tour? I’ll tell you by asking you a question:  What does Tabasco and Jack …

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To L.A.

So it has become a reality — I left at 8am on Sunday morning, not exactly sure of what to expect.  Sure I had watched a ton of videos on YouTube.  I had bought what was needed to make it happen.  I roughly logged my trip out.  Ok, ready, lets go — enough of the …

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