South America and Patagonia


So today we went to the Los Glaciares National Park in El Calafate.  We arrived by air to El Calafate yesterday not really knowing what adventure was in store for us today.  Everyone kept telling us that El Calafate is amazing.  Ok, it’s amazing.  But we did hear it repeatedly throughout our trip when I spooled our …

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Travel South

Yah, yah, of course I could have chosen a beautiful range of mountains for the main picture for today, but what the heck. The place Patagonia for me always conjured an image of great white mountains and a hinterland in the furthest southern range of the earth — connected to the Antarctic.  That is not …

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I’ll save the best until the end.  Learn about UNESCO and this colorful mountain range below.  Remember you can click on any picture to enlarge. North Western Argentina is like living on the moon.  So far from a nice hamburger with fries.  More like a plate of beans —  a desert environment with inhabitants scattered in …

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We left Rio at 10am and flew TAM Airways just over 2 hours south-west to some place which I had no clue about.  A few people have told me how incredible it is, but I have to be honest, it meant nothing to me.  I had not done any research prior to today.   More fun …

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The Redeemer

Have you ever envisioned a place for a real long time which you believe is just perfect only to find out the that facade is not quite as you dreamed?  Well, that was Rio de Janeiro for me.  I really envisioned that it was exotic, modern, active, interesting, unsafe but safe, growing and an exciting beach location. …

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Let’s Get Out of Here Again – The Trail to Antarctica

After going for lunch with Larry Schecter in August, 2014, it had to happen.  I knew it was something which I had to do.  No bucket list or anything, just an ongoing plan to explore unique places and don’t stop.  No-if-and-or-butts.  Neurons were snapping, or burning or whatever they do.  I was going with Paula to …

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